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Welcome to Day Trade Nation

It’s our mission to educate, inform, and support YOU to thrive in the world of Forex Trading.

Regardless if you’re brand new or have traded before, Day Trade Nation is where you come so you can learn how to achieve financial freedom.


We know you have questions, so your first step is to register for our free Webinar so we can explain it all to you.


This Webinar will explain our education platform, our exclusive software, our one-on-one coaching, our online training videos, and how you can day trade our corporate funds.


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Day Trade Nation is an educational platform that will help you learn to be a successful Utah Day Trader. The program is designed for you to learn at your own pace, and feel empowered to earn money in the world of Forex Trading. Join our next Webinar by clicking the button below:



Our proprietary indicating software has helped Day Traders be successful for over 10 years. It is designed and proven to eliminate the ‘guesswork’ in Trading. Nothing is 100%, but MANY of our trader’s trade with a ~90% win rate average. The indicators provide clear signals when it is the right time to Buy Low and Sell High. Join our next Webinar by clicking the button below:



Your Personal Trading Coach will support you while you’re learning to trade. For one hour, twice a week, you will meet with your Coach. In that time, you will learn and review trading principles, analyze the Indicating Software, practice trading, risk management, and more. Join our next Webinar by clicking the button below:


Online Training Videos

Everyone has a different reason why they start Day Trading, however, a common one is time. The Online Training Materials are there to support your learning on YOUR time. These videos are detailed enough for you to be able to learn the basics and begin practicing on your own. Join our next Webinar by clicking the button below:


Trade Corporate Funds

Throughout your education course, you will be Paper Trading for a minimum of 6 weeks. Upon successful completion of your course, corporate will review your trading account and determine how much to initially fund you. Each month profits will be split with you keeping up to 80%. Join our next Webinar by clicking the button below:

The Day Trade Nation System

Not all data is critical. Our system can allow you to know the best possible moments to buy and sell, allowing you the opportunity to generate the most money in the shortest time. This can be achieved with our exclusive Indicating Software. Eliminate the guesswork; free up your time!


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. In other words, don’t focus on short-term swings in price, focus on the underlying value of your investment.” -Warren Buffet

What’s Included?

One-On-One Coaching

Online Training


Proprietary Indicating Software

Flexible Learning Schedule

Live Trading Webinars (twice a day)

Ongoing Education

Ongoing Support

Chat App (stay connected)

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Education Programs

-Learn how to Trade from scratch using the Proprietary Indicating Software; regardless of your Trading experience or inexperience.

-There are several Program options that vary in price and benefit!

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Is this for you?

Seeing isn’t believing. DOING is believing!

Attend the Webinar to learn how to try out our 30-day trial program called Trader Lite for only $10 dollars.

As a Trader Lite member you will receive:

-introductory training materials

-daily live trading webinars

-access to all software needed to take practice trades

-receive personalized support with your Trader Lite Coach.

Register for the Webinar to learn how to test our indicators and TRY this program to find out if this is something you’d like to pursue!


Life Changing Stories:

“The genius thing that we did was, WE DIDN’T GIVE UP” -Jay Z