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ROI Calculator

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing" -Warren Buffet

Use this ROI Calculator to find out how many months it will take to turn a profit on your tuition investment.

Go to the tuition page to see the side by side by side comparison. This is the amount that you will pay to learn how to trade with this exclusive software, practice one on one with a personal coach and split profits on your Corporate Funded account. Premium Fund split 60/40 and Executive or Platinum split 80/20 (all with you keeping the greater)

A Corporate Funded Account is a benefit provided to those who complete their educational course. Your initial deposit will range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. You are then able to resubmit that account every 1-3 months for a Real Money Review to have additional funds added with proven profitability. Funds will continue to be added each profitable quarter up to your full funded amount (based on education course) **All fees and dues must be paid in full, prior to receiving funds.


Your initial Corporate Funded Account is a benefit, not an obligation. You are learning a skill that you can use however you choose. You can open any accounts you'd like on your own with whatever broker you choose. Having an account funded for you is a great perk and accelerant to your ROI, you never HAVE to put a dime of your own money in the market.

Traders can earn an average of .5%-2% a trading day using our Proprietary Indicating Software. Right out of the gate you could expect .25%-1% gains a day.



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